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Knowing when you need a garage door repair is important. There are quite a few potential garage door problems, and all of these problems will worsen if you do not repair them in time. Garage door problems that require professional help include noisy operation, stuck doors, broken windows, unsafe garage doors, unsecured garage doors, and worn-out springs. If you need any help with garage door repair in Fort Worth, TX, Express Garage Door is here to take care of it. Get a free consultation today!



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    Common Garage Door Problems

    Noisy Operation

    One of the most common problems with garage doors is noisy operation. It is common for garage doors to squeak when they go up and down. A couple of different problems can cause this. The garage door may need to be cleaned and oiled.

    A worn-out hinge or roller can also result in a noisy garage door. If a garage door remains noisy even after cleaning, it’s time to call a professional to replace these worn parts.

    Noisy Operation Garage Door
    Door Gets Stuck Repair

    Common Garage Door Problems

    Door Gets Stuck

    It is also very common for garage doors to get stuck. The tracks or rollers can become clogged with debris. As a result, it is simple to clean out the mechanism and get the door unstuck. There are also times when garage doors become stuck because of broken parts. This situation needs to be handled by a professional. Either way, it’s best to avoid pressing the garage door opener repeatedly. This can cause severe damage to the door.

    Common Garage Door Problems

    Broken Garage Door Windows

    Many garage doors have windows. Even though these windows are made of tough plastic, they are still susceptible to breaking. In particular, glass windows on garage doors pose this risk. Homeowners themselves can replace garage door windows, but this is not recommended. Garage door windows are smaller than house windows and more difficult to install properly. Installing these windows incorrectly can damage the window or the housing. It’s best to have a professional install garage door windows.

    broken garage door windows repair
    Unsafe Garage Door

    Common Garage Door Problems

    Unsafe Garage Doors

    Old garage doors may not stay retracted if the opener is worn out. In this case, the door may slide violently back down the rails. This is not a common problem with new garage doors. This is because more unique garage doors have auto-reverse and auto-stop mechanisms that keep this from happening. A common problem with old garage doors is that they slam shut and fail.

    If someone is standing under the garage door when this happens, they may be seriously injured. Garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds, making an older garage door a real safety hazard. In this situation, it is vital to call a garage door professional immediately. A professional may be able to repair or replace parts to ensure that the door can operate safely. However, it may be necessary to replace the door entirely.

    Common Garage Door Problems

    Unsecured Garage Doors

    Most garage doors, even older garage doors, have some form of the locking mechanism. However, these locks do not prevent thieves from opening the door and gaining access to the garage. In both mechanical and electronic locks, it is possible to pick them. Garages may contain valuable items, including cars.

    Thankfully, there are new digital locks that are much more secure. These locks use rotating codes. As a result, thieves have a much harder time hacking them. Homeowners with older garage doors should consider having a professional install new digital locks.

    Unsecured Garage Doors Repair
    Garage Door Springs Repair

    Common Garage Door Problems

    Worn-Out Springs

    Every garage door has springs that push against the weight of the door. The springs make sure that the door closes slowly. They also allow people to lift the garage doors easily (if the door is unlocked). However, these springs will eventually wear out. When properly maintained, they can last for years. However, if they are not, they will only last for a short time.

    It’s important to have a professional replace worn-out garage door springs. It can be dangerous for a non-professional because these springs are under great pressure. You must remove them carefully, or they may cause injury.

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