5 Garage Door Types We Repair

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October 19, 2023

With several types of garage doors available out there, such as carriage-style garage doors, glass garage doors, commercial garage doors, and so on, the method of fixing each one also differs. Each one of these is built with a different working mechanism. Therefore, to repair your damaged garage door, it’s useful to understand its type first. But do not worry. We are here to shed light on the types of garage doors and the repair services you can expect from Express Garage Door.

What are Common Causes of Garage Door Malfunction?

The garage door malfunctions we face are often due to common causes such as defects in rollers and tracks, panel damage, worn-out springs, etc. In case of some minor malfunction, you may be able to tweak it yourself if you have the general repair knowledge. But, mainly, it is better to leave the repairing job to the professionals who are well aware of all the issues regarding various types of garage doors. However, for your general understanding, here are some of the common causes of garage door malfunction:

1. Opener Switch Malfunction

The automatic garage door components are designed to last for several years, from 10 to 30 years approximately. But they cannot last forever. Wearing and tearing of the components is inevitable because of the daily usage of the door. A similar effect can be seen in the gear system of the door. The opener may malfunction because of stripped gear, which prevents the door from opening or closing properly.

2. Remote Control Not Working

When your remote is out of function, it won’t open or close the garage door as needed. The functionality issue in the remote may be because of the drained battery. You can fix the problem by simply changing the batteries. Likewise, in some cases, the cause for remote control malfunction may be because of physical damage to the remote or disrupted signal.

3. Rusty Rollers

Rusty rollers won’t allow your garage door to slide evenly. Misalignment of the door and screeching sounds are some potential signs of defective rollers. Generally, there are three types of rollers: plastic, nylon, and steel. Steel rollers are more prone to rusting as compared to nylon and plastic. The rust can occur because of moisture or lack of lubrication.

4. Unlubricated Garage Door Components

Lack of lubrication in garage door components, including springs, rollers, hinges, and tracks, can damage the components. Lubrication is the holy grail for garage door components, which keeps them running smoothly for a long time. The optimal time for lubrication is 6 months. If you do not lubricate the garage door parts at least once every 6 months, the parts can get rusty and jammed.

5. Irregular Tension on Torsion Springs

Torsion springs carry the weight of the entire garage door, helping it maintain an even balance. Therefore, the springs are under a tremendous amount of stress. This stress can cause the springs to loosen or wear out over time. The damage to the springs can cause the door to open and close unevenly due to irregular tension on the springs.

6. Misalignments of Components

Misalignments of garage door components, such as tracks, rollers, and door panels, can disrupt the motion of the door. The cause for the misalignment can be because of faulty installation or loose parts as a result of continuous use. If not taken care of in time, the components can undergo serious damage.

7. Power Disruption to the Garage Door Motor

One of the reasons why you are unable to open or close your garage door could be because of power disruption to the motor. The disruption may happen because of wear and tear of the wiring system in the motor or due to a blown fuse. Moreover, when the motor is damaged, it may stop responding to the electrical power.

Different Garage Door Types We Repair

The garage door repair experts at Express Garage Door are well-experienced in handling any type of garage door. If you are facing problems with one of the following types of doors installed in your garage, you can seek our help.

1. Aluminium Garage Door Repair

It is one of the modern-style garage doors with a fancy appeal mostly seen in contemporary-designed houses. The sleek appearance of the aluminum makes up for the stylish look of this garage door. Moreover, its durability, low maintenance, and anti-corrosive properties add to its popularity in modern homes. However, like any other garage door, aluminum garage doors can also face some issues in the long run.

The most common repair issues with this door include:

  • Dents
  • Rust
  • Wrapping

The technicians at Express Garage Door have been dealing with all kinds of aluminum garage door repairs. So, if you detect any issue with your garage door, make sure to contact technicians at Express Garage Door.

2. Carriage Garage Door Repair

Carriage garage doors are one of the traditional garage doors with a vintage look. Its design replicates the old-fashioned carriage house doors which swing in and out. Mostly built out of wood or steel, these doors are low-maintenance but tend to be relatively expensive depending upon the materials used for the door. While this door adds to the vintage charm of your garage, the most common repair issues include:

  • Worn out hinges
  • Wear and tear of springs

If you detect such problems in your carriage-style garage doors, call the experts at Express Garage Door and replace the faulty components immediately.

3. Glass Garage Door Repair

Glass garage doors are the most common modern garage doors with windows and are the most expensive of all. The materials used for this door are thick glass panels supported by aluminum frames. If you have some extra cash to burn for your contemporary home, the glass garage door is the best choice out of all other residential garage door styles. The fancy look of this door is unbeatable, but repairing it can cost you a fortune.

Some common problems that you can face with glass garage doors are:

  • Cracks in glass panels
  • Dents in the aluminum frame of the glass door

Only experts can be trusted to handle glass garage door issues. So, to fix any of the above-mentioned issues with the glass door panels for your garage, remember the technicians at Express Garage Door.

4. Stainless Steel Garage Door Repair

Stainless steel is the strongest material used for modern residential garage doors. These doors are featured with high durability, strength, longevity, and better security. The toughness and the resistant nature of steel make the door less susceptible to damage in the long run, requiring less maintenance. It does not require painting, which cuts down on cost, and the clean-looking exterior elevates the overall appearance.

Some common problems with steel garage doors are:

  • Grinding or squeaking noises as you move the door
  • Corrosion of the door panels

The reliable technicians at Express Garage Door can handle any issues with your stainless steel garage door. As one of the best garage door service providers, we have the most competent technicians who have successfully dealt with such problems in the past. Undoubtedly, our technicians can guarantee you the most effective repair solutions.

5. Wooden Garage Door Repair

Unlike any other types of garage doors, wooden doors have withstood the test of time and never went out of style. From vintage to modern style, the wide options of wooden garage doors are suitable for all types of residents. The wooden door does add an elegant charm to your house, but at the same time, it is more prone to damage due to wood rot. It requires regular maintenance and requires protection from moisture to keep the door in the right condition for a long time.

Common issues with wooden garage doors:

  • Wood rot due to moisture
  • Misaligned door panels because of warping and decay if the material

Regardless of whatever problems you may encounter with your wooden garage door, the experts at Express Garage Door can fix it all. Our technicians can identify the problem with your wooden garage door and present you with an efficient and reliable solution. Be it an issue with the door panel or with any other components of the garage door system, Express Garage Door is one of the best service providers in Fort Worth, Texas.

Our Garage Door Services Include

Our services are spread across a wide variety of garage door repairs. From commercial to residential garage doors, the technicians at Express Garage Door are well-versed in all sorts of repairs. If you come across any of the following issues, you can contact us for a quality service.

1. Commercial Garage Door Repair

Commercial garage doors are much larger as compared to residential garage doors and are installed in commercial and industrial buildings. Although they serve the same purpose, these doors differ in size, material, system design, and functionality, among other features. The automation system of a garage door used for commercial purposes is more complex and must be highly secure.

As commercial garages are used for storing machinery, vehicles, and other valuable items, the doors must provide exceptional protection. Therefore, only well-experienced technicians can be trusted for its repair. If you detect any problem with your commercial garage doors, call out experts right away to keep it running smoothly. You can contact us for issues including the following:

  • Malfunctioning remote control
  • Defective torsion springs
  • Worn-out rollers and cables
  • Damaged door panel
  • Misalignment of the garage door components

2. Garage Door Opener Repair

If you are unable to open your garage door, one of the reasons for this issue is a defective opener. A malfunctioning opener can contribute to the following consequences:

  • Safety issues because you can’t close the door properly
  • The garage gets exposed to the harsh weather conditions outside
  • The use of a defective opener can lead to increased damage to the component

First, you need to check if the opener is functioning well. Try pulling the emergency release cord and then open the door manually. If the door slides up and down easily, then most certainly, the problem is in the opener. Rather than trying to use quick fixes, it’s better to call a technician to repair the opener. We provide repair services for all types of garage door openers, including the following:

  • Chain drive garage door opener
  • Jackshaft garage door opener
  • Screw drive opener
  • Direct drive opener
  • Smart garage door opener

3. Garage Door Replacement

The longevity of a garage door mainly depends on the materials used and frequent maintenance work, i.e., at least once every 6 months. Generally, wooden doors require relatively higher maintenance than glass, aluminum, and stainless steel garage doors. Regardless of the material, if your door is not in good condition because of wooden rot or metal rust, it will require a replacement. A damaged door can damage other components as well. So, reach out to us for help if you notice the following issues with your garage door that indicate the door requires replacement:

  • The garage door is not following the track while sliding
  • The garage door seems unstable or out of balance while opening or closing
  • Creates squeaking noise while moving the door
  • Visible damage to the door panels due to wood rot or metal rust

4. Garage Door Spring Repair

The garage door springs are designed to last for several years, depending upon the type of springs. As per the frequency of their usage, extension spring has a life expectancy of approximately 7 to 12 years, while torsion spring can last from 8 to 15 years. But over time, they tend to wear and tear. Since springs are an essential component of the system and help balance the heavy weight of the doors, ensuring stability, faulty springs can invite accidental hazards.

When the spring fails to work properly, you will notice the following issues:

  • Squeaking noises
  • Unbalanced or jammed doors
  • Visible gaps in the coils of springs
  • The sudden motion of the door
  • Loose springs

Therefore, call the technicians immediately to get it fixed.

At Express Garage Door, we fix all types of garage door springs, such as:

  • Extension springs: Extension springs can be seen on the two sides of the garage door placed parallelly vertical to the tracks.
  • Torsion springs: These are found right above the garage door and are placed parallel to the closing and opening motion of the door.

5. Overhead Garage Door Repair

This type of garage door operates by sliding in an upward direction and resting in a horizontal position on the ceiling. Generally, the overhead garage door contains several panels hinged together as a door. It is a commonly used garage door and requires a technician’s help in case of any defects in its parts. Below are some common repairs Express Garage Door provides for overhead garage doors:

  • Defective hinges
  • Problems with the rollers and springs
  • Panel damage
  • Worn out cables
  • Malfunctioning sensors
  • Jammed doors, and so on

6. Garage Door Tune-Up

Your garage door requires proper maintenance at least once every 6 months for it to function smoothly without major issues for a long time. The process of this timely examination is called garage door tune-up, which maintains the components in running condition for a longer duration.

The tune-up includes the inspection of the components of the garage door. If the technicians detect any kind of irregularities in your garage door, they will perform the necessary repair work. The tune-up repair includes the following services:

  • Visual examination of the garage door components
  • Lubrication and tightening of the components
  • Inspect and repair the damages in parts, including rollers, door panels, springs, trolleys, and openers
  • Inspection of the weather seals
  • Testing of garage door components and their functioning

7. Garage Door Track Repair

The garage doors open and close, moving along the tracks. There are two types of tracks along which the doors slide: horizontal and vertical. As the tracks bear the heavy weight of the door each time it moves, the tracks are prone to wear and tear. If not checked regularly, its parts may break, not allowing the door to slide up and down properly.

The technicians at Express Garage Door are experts in handling track repairs of any kind, capable of fixing your garage door tracks in no time. Some common repair services we provide for garage door tracks are:

  • Fixing uneven installation of the tracks
  • Tracks damage due to vehicle collision
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Misalignment of the tracks
  • Tracks replacement

8. Garage Door Roller Repair

The rollers are crucial components of a garage door that help the door run along its tracks. If the rollers are misaligned or not placed in the proper position, it impacts the motion of the door. For the rollers to work smoothly, it needs sufficient lubrication and protection from rust.

If you notice squeaky sounds coming from the garage door or if the door is moving unevenly, it may be because of faulty rollers. In that case, make sure to reach out to our technicians to get the door running properly again. Express Garage Door can easily replace the garage door roller if they’re showing issues like:

  • Rust formation on the rollers due to insufficient lubrication
  • Track misalignment issues due to damaged roller
  • Worn-out rollers

How Do You Test the Functioning of a Garage Door?

Once you have newly installed or repaired an automatic garage door, it is better to check its functionality first. By testing the door, you can determine if all components are working properly and if the door is safe for use. The below-mentioned steps are a few of the things you have to go through to determine the functioning and safety of the garage door.

Remember, these testing steps are applicable to all types of garage doors with automatic electric systems.

1. Garage Door Balance Test

It is crucial to perform a garage door balance test because a faulty garage door can lead to serious accidents. A balanced garage door indicates that the system is properly aligned and ready for use. Therefore, follow the below-given process to test the garage door balance:

  • Keep the door in the closed position.
  • Then, open the door using the remote.
  • Watch the door as it begins to open.
  • It must open evenly without any noticeable resistance.

2. Opener Test

A well-functioning garage door opener ensures there is no disruption in the automatic system of the garage door. So, to check if your opener is working properly, follow these steps:

  • Keep the door down first.
  • Remove the opener from the power source.
  • Pull down the emergency cord and check if the door opens and closes with manual handling.
  • If the door easily moves using your hands, close the door and again pull the emergency cord.
  • Now, plug in the opener and try opening the door.
  • It must open smoothly.

3. Spring Test

  • Springs carry the load of the garage door and help the door stay in its place. Faulty springs may lead to safety risks and inconveniences. Therefore, follow these steps to ensure its functionality and avoid any accidental hazards:
  • Close the door.
  • Disconnect the opener from the power source.
  • Pull down the emergency release cord to disengage the door from the trolley.
  • Now, manually open the door halfway by sliding it upward.
  • Remove the hand from the door.
  • If the springs are working well, the door will not slam down the floor and will move only a few inches and stop.

4. Tracks and Rollers Test

Tracks and rollers support the garage door during its opening and closing motion. Any issues in tracks and rollers will disrupt the door from functioning properly. To ensure the functionality of these components, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the door using the garage door remote.
  • Check if the door moves along the path of tracks without resistance.
  • If it slides smoothly without making a squeaky sound and opens and closes evenly, then the tracks and rollers are perfectly fine.

5. Photo Eye Sensor Test

The photo-eye sensor in a garage door system is a vital safety feature. The sensor detects any obstacles in the path of the garage door and makes the door stop or reverse for safety purposes. Therefore, this component must be smooth and running in your garage door system. To test the sensor’s functioning, follow these steps:

  • Open the garage door.
  • Place a box or any testing object right beneath the door.
  • Now, press the close button on the remote.
  • If the photo eye sensor is working, the door will not close until you remove the object on its way.

6. Garage Door Auto-Reversal Test

The garage door auto-reversal mechanism is another one of the safety features in your garage door. To test the auto-reversal feature in your garage door system, follow through the below-mentioned process:

  • Keep the door open.
  • Place a small object right beneath the door. Make sure the object is just a few inches thick.
  • Now, close the door.
  • If the auto-reversal of your garage door is working, the door should reverse open as soon as it touches the object on the floor.

Contact Express Garage Door for Repair Services in DFW

If you find any defect or malfunction while testing the garage door, contact Express Garage Door for assistance. Our team of expert garage door technicians, who have years of expertise in installing and repairing garage doors, will help you out with any kind of issues with your garage door. The technicians will thoroughly inspect the door and provide you with the best solution to keep it running for years to come. Contact us now at 214-543-2891 or email us at garagedoorexpressdfw@gmail.com.


Depending on the garage door type, the requirements for repair and maintenance can vary. As different types of garage doors come with distinct features, the troubleshooting also differs comparatively. Hopefully, the above content has given you a general idea about it. Now, you should be able to tell if your garage door is in good condition. In case of any issues with your garage door, do not attempt to fix it yourself; rather, call for expert help today!