6 Common Garage Door Problems Every Homeowner Faces

September 4, 2023

The garage door is an essential part of your home. It opens and closes up to three or four times a day, totalling more than 1400 times a year. This daily use and wear out specific parts of your door. No wonder you can come across common garage door problems which can affect your daily […]

Different Types Of Garage Door Springs

May 9, 2023

Your garage door needs certain key parts to function properly. One of the most important components is garage door springs. Often overlooked by homeowners, garage door springs allow you to raise and lower your garage door.    Types of Garage Door Springs Garage door springs come in different types. The springs used in furniture are either […]

How To Repair Garage Door Springs & Cables

Your garage is a part of your home! And just like you invest in maintaining your front door and windows to ensure they are functional and secure, you also need to put some effort into ensuring that your garage door receives proper-regular maintenance. After all! It protects your property and home from the unknown dangers […]

Top 10 Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The largest moving part of your house is your garage door if you have one. It is one of those sections that gets utilized throughout the week, months, and years. You might use it to store your car. You might also use it to keep your gym items, as a storage room, or even as […]

How To Organize Your Garage On A Budget?

Homeowners understand the importance of keeping their place in order. An organized house is efficient and functional, and it greatly reflects on your mental state as well. The garage is the most overlooked area of organizing your home. The garage probably comes at the very end of your list of areas to clean if you […]

10 Tips to Avoid Costly Garage Door Opener Repairs

There are over 272.4 million privately owned vehicles in the U.S. While a garage door can make your daily life easier, it can also make it a lot more difficult if it doesn’t operate properly. So investing in a proper garage door opener is a very important step that you need to take. The top […]